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User Guide

Items required.jpg

Step 1 : Materials Required

Item 1 :- Balloon cracker

Item 2 :- Balloons

Item 3 :- Tape and string

item 4 :- Electric pump

Item 5 :- Hand pump

Step 1 :- Materials Required
String 2m.jpg
Balloon size diameter.jpg

Step 2 : Balloons Preparation

- 2 meter string

- Blow balloon to size about 12 inches

- Tie a balloon knot

Step 2 :- Balloons Preparaion
String knot.jpg
B knot in String.jpg
Tie balloon.jpg

Step 3 : Tie Balloon

- Make a string knot

- Balloon knot into string knot

- Pull string to tie balloon

(Note:- leave allowance of 100 mm on end of string)

Step 3 :- Tie Balloon

Step 4 : Tie More Balloons

- Maintain a distance of 100 mm between balloons

- Repeat step 3 for more balloons

(Note:- 2 meter length can have about 10 to 12 balloons)

Step 4 :- Tie More Balloons
Balloons string.jpg

Step 5 : Tape String Ends

- Tape the ends of the string of balloons

- Attached it to the wall (easy handling)

(Note:- Repeat Step 1 to Step 4 for more string of balloons) 

Step 5 :- Tape String Ends
Pull string.jpg
1m distance.jpg

Step 6 : Pull Preparation

- Tie Pull string, about 2 meter, to one end of the string of balloons

- The other end of pull string, go through the hole

- Distance between Balloon Cracker and string of balloon is about 1 meter

Step 6 :- Full Preparation
Pulling Instruction.jpg

Usage Tips

Tip 1 :- Fix the Balloon Cracker by stepping on the "Anchor Section" or heavy object

Tip 2 :- Stand behind the "Distance Guide Section" (minimum distance position)

Tip 3 :- Ensure "Pull String" is almost parallel to the floor

Tip 4 :- Pull the string as fast as possible (pulling force of about 2 to 3 kg force)

Tip 5 :- Ensure that the String of Balloons enters the hole perpendicularly by pulling the other end of the pull string

Tip 6 :- When balloon gets stuck on stud pin, clear it and before continue pulling

Usage Tips




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